In order to add content to this blog, either in the form of new posts or comments on existing posts, you must log in with a valid username and password. There are two ways you can have a valid username and password:

> You already have a BMC email address (
> You already have an existing wordpress account through

Once you log in, either with your BMC or wordpress login/pass, you will be directed to a “dashboard,” which will give you options for writing new posts, editing old posts, and changing account settings. At this time, we are not able to create accounts for individuals who do not have valid email addresses. If you wish to create a post on the site looking for a roommate, email your information to reslife (at) brynmawr (dot) edu and we will create a post for you. Even without a valid login, you can still search roommate requests and rental listings on the site and respond to the contact information provided.

When you create posts, pay attention to the categories. Posts default as “uncategorized,” but are then not filtered if someone is looking at all posts within a category. For instance, if you would like to find a roommate, make sure the category for your post is “Looking for a Roommate.”

As with any online system that is open to the public for viewing, be careful about the kinds of information you share on this blog.

If you experience technical difficulties or require further assistance, contact the Office of Residential Life at reslife (at) brynmawr (dot) edu, or 610-526-7331.

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